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Pet Travel Tips

Pet Travel Tips

Got holiday travel plans that include your pet? If you’re headed out of state or out of the country, health and/or travel certificates from an accredited veterinarian will likely be required. You can consult the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s pet travel information site to find out what specific documentation will be needed, then make an appointment with your GOVH veterinarian to get those started.

You should also be aware that many airlines have changed their restrictions for animal transport as well, limiting breeds and destinations. The first place to start is by checking with your airline about their specific pet travel policies before your departure.

If fido is going on a road trip with you, it’s a good rule of thumb to exercise your dog before starting out. You’ll want to stop every couple of hours to give him some relief and a chance to stretch his legs as well.

No matter how you’re traveling, it’s very important to make sure your pet has ID inside and out, including a collar and identification tags as well as a microchip.

If you need any assistance getting your pet ready to travel, please contact us!