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May Special

Starting from Scratch with Allergies

The signs are all too common: paws wet and discolored from chewing and licking, the flapping and scratching of itchy ears, or the dreaded butt-scoot on your nice rug. May is Allergy Awareness Month, important because up to 10% of dogs suffer from environmental allergies. When these allergens inflame the skin and ears—as they often do with dogs—it is known as atopic dermatitis, and it can make your pet miserable.

Allergies can happen throughout the year, but many dogs suffer during spring and fall. Sensitivities are often to pollen, but molds and dust mites are also common offenders. In addition to the discomfort, the constant licking and scratching often result in secondary bacterial or fungal infections that require antimicrobial therapy.

Read more about allergy therapies for your pets. 

Take advantage of our May special and get 20% off all allergy testing and treatments at Garden Oaks Veterinary Clinic through the end of the month.  If your pet shows any of these symptoms and you suspect allergies are to blame, schedule an appointment by calling (713) 659-0650.

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